Wise is the person who looks ahead


Students are paired up and assigned a room with two beds, a bathroom and a cozy ambiance.This immersion in boarding life style not only allows students to view school as their homes, so that they can quickly become acclimatised to Western culture, but also cultivates the students’ ability to make cross-cultural communication. However, students are given the opportunity to go home once every three weeks.

The residence halls are managed and divided into six units called Houses. Every House comes with a common room, a laundry room, a locker room, a mini kitchen,and a study room.  Each House will consist of students from different year groups so as to allow the students to expand their on-campus social circles and provide an easy way for senior students to help incoming students to settle in faster. Furthermore, the school will hold multiple on-campus PE and recreational activities based on units of Houses in order to cultivate students’ team and competitive spirits.