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Co-curricular Activities

Activities will provide the very best opportunities for leadership training, social development and fun. Some activities students first experience at Malvern College Qingdao will become their life-long passions, and the source of their greatest memories of school life.

Activities at Malvern College Qingdao will include:

- Sports

– rugby, football, hockey, netball, basketball, volleyball, tennis, swimming, table tennis, badminton, squash, athletics

- Outward bound activities

– climbing, hiking, camping, canoeing, fishing, cycling, sailing

- The Arts

– music (choir, band, orchestra and other ensembles), drama (plays, musicals, public speaking, debating), art, design, photography, digital animation as well as creative and descriptive writing (magazines, newspapers, webpages)

- Expeditions program

– cultural trips at home and abroad

- Service

– personal development projects within Malvern College Qingdao and in the local community

- Leadership

– prefectship, school council, boarding house and class representation, clubs

- Liberal studies education

– book reading, movie appreciation, special interest research and discussion

- Etiquette education

- dining and social etiquette

Club Information


For students interested in singing with a large group.

Learning to sing in parts and in harmony with one another.

Singing popular songs in the English language as a performance.


For students who can play a musical instrument.

To play your instrument with students in a group.

To perform to an audience in a group.

Gym Club

Gym Club is a great way for a person of any ability to get fit and healthy. Whether you want to improve your cardiovascular fitness (stamina), or build your muscular tone (strength) / muscular bulk (power), Gym Club is the place for you. You will be taught how to correctly use the cardio and weights machines, as well as how to plan and develop a training programme to suit your personal needs. To aid your physical development, you will also be given tips on nutrition and how to choose the types of food you eat, in order to get the type of body you want.

MUN, Model United Nations

This is based on the United Nations in the Hague and backed by them financially. Each school will be allocated a country or more according to the numbers taking part and they will research the stance of that country with regard to a specific International issue. The students learn how to put forward resolutions, how to draft proposals, lobby and form alliances with sympathetic countries. Conferences will take place nationally and internationally where the students will debate the issues. It is strictly student led with teacher direction only.

YE Young Enterprise

A small company will be set up, if numbers are large there will be more than one company. Each company will have board meetings and appoint people to relevant positions with the Director being of paramount importance. The company will draw up the company documents, they might even sell shares to raise the initial capital and produce aproduct or provide a service with the main aim being to raise money for charity and to give the students real hands on experience of running a business.

The Model club

It will be for students who wish to have a place and time to make their own plastic kit or any other type of model. Students coming to the club need to bring  their own models   which they can  leave in a partly assembled state in a dedicated room.

ICT Club

We will be looking at how to use a computer effectively to do a range of tasks.  eg word processing, creating spreadsheets, creating simple databases, using desktop publishing to create magazines posters etc. we will also be using powerpoint to make a presentations and possibly learn how to create web pages.  No games. Only those who want to learn how to use and improve what they can do on a computer are welcome. Those students who have opted for ICT in the day will not be considered.  

Chess Club

We will practice the art of strategy through an internationally respected game known for predicting the future situation and already being ready to strike back before the threat actually exists. In wich a player must predict the opponent's moves and be prepared to counter them.

Art Club

For any students wanting to do artistic copies of famous paintings (necessary for IGCSE) and also anyone with ability who would like to be Van Gogh or anyone else.

British Culture

A range of things about Great Britain will be studied from the music, to the food of different regions. The wide variety of landscapes within the country will be studied.

Spanish Club

Students appreciate aspects of spanish culture and tradition to include its architecture, art, geography, food, music, dance, and festivals. They will be taught spanish language with a particular focus on simple phrases, vocabulary and speaking.  The course culminates in savouring some typical spanish dishes.

The Magazine Club

The Magazine Club reflects the culture of MCQ, as Campus Journalists write news report in English, based on their campus life, learning experience, and current events at home and abroad. They revise, edit, and publish the magazine on campus, which is a great way to develop their interests in literature and practice their writing skills.

The Debating Club

The Debating Club aims to develop critical thinking, oral expression, resilience, analysis, and teamwork. We go to Tournaments of NHSDLC (National High School Debating League of China) every year. We got second place in 2014. Eight students were invited to the debating tournament at Harvard.

The Autism Care Association of MCQ

In addition to students’ intellectual development, we emphasize moralenrichment and cultivate their sense of social responsibility. The Autism Care Association of MCQ goes to the rehabilitation center of Autistic Children and contributes to the Center by holding charity performance and charity sales.

The Duke of Edinburgh’s Award

The Duke of Edinburgh’s International Award (the Award) equips young people for life. It is the world’s leading youth achievement award. By creating opportunities for young people to develop skills, get physically active, give service and experience adventure, the Award can play a critical role in their development outside the classroom. It also allows their achievement to be consistently recognised worldwide, giving young people unique international accreditation of their experiences.

Young people design their own Award programme, set their own goals and record their own progress. They choose a Service, Physical Recreation, Skills activity, go on an Adventurous Journey and, to achieve a Gold Award, take part in a Residential Project. The only person they compete against is themselves, by challenging their own beliefs about what they can achieve. "