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2015 National High School Debate League of China

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NHSDLC Public Forum debate is a variant of American Public Forum debate. Public Forum (PF) debates are exciting and designed to be accessible to an intelligent high school student or an informed citizen. Public Forum Debate pits two teams comprised of two people against each other. These teams advocate that the resolution, or topic, is either true or false. Each side is called proor con, also known as affirmativeor negative. While it is not absolutely guaranteed that teams will have to debate both sides, it is extremely likely that such will happen. As such, teams should to prepare to debate as both affirmative and negative. The NHSDLC encourages novice debaters to participate in Mandarin-language Public Forum if they are not confident in their ability to use English in a competitive debate setting. Competitors are highly welcomed to participate in English-language Public Forum if they already possess pretty strong English language skills that they feel ready to advance to English-language debate.

Just in August, after several previous regional debate tournaments, fifteen debaters from our school have taken part in the NHSDLC 2014-2015 National Championship in Beijing and got a chance to debate with over 500 excellent debaters around China. After 3 days of intense debate rounds, 8 of us have got into the elimination round and won several prizes:

TOP16: Jojo Qiu&Katherine Li

TOP32: Grace Leng&Ellen Wan

TOP64: Emma Zheng&April Wang

            Jessica Li&Danny Li

More impressively, among all the TOP16 debaters, theres only one group from Shandong Province, and theyre Jojo and Katherine from our school; Among all the TOP32 debaters, theres also only one group from Shandong, theyre Grace and Ellen from our school; Among all the TOP64 debaters, therere only 4 groups from Shandong, and therere 2 groups of debaters are from our school, Emma, April, Jessica, and Danny. Our students really did an excellent job and all 15 of us have paid a lot effort on this debate, the gains and benefits are life-long indeed.

I myself gained really a lot particularly in the camp. The 1-week NHSDLC camp includes lecture, lab, module, office hour etc. Especially during lab and office hour, those teachers are all really experienced debaters from top universities in the world who we can gain lots of personal advice from and make friends with. During these process, weve been written cases till midnight, discussed contentions over and over again, the gains were indeed worth the effort.

Katherine Li mentioned in her thought of this championship:

This National debate competition in August was the third time that I participated in NHSDLC. What did I learn from debate? Firstly, debate provides me precious language environment because all the things involved expression are in English ranging from writing your case, discussing with your lab tutors and reading news in foreign websites. For me, these three times debating experiences have definitely helped me access the higher language proficiency. Secondly, during preparation time, I learned how to search the exact and correct information efficiently, because if you can subtract 100 hundred words that you currently want from an essay with hundreds of pages in a shorter time than other debaters, it will just save you a large amount of time. And this skill can be applied in many other fields since this can improve what we called EyeQ. Thirdly, my reasoning skill was lifted with practices and practices in debate. Every time when you get lost in the multi-dilemmasituation and when it takes you the whole night to figure out the whole problem deep inside the loop, you can feel that your head is burning through those complicated reasoning. However, when you really understood it at one moment, the pride and joy is completely yours and the knowledge and effort beyond that is priceless.

Additionally, its the fast pace conversation, the nervous atmosphere and your own internal encouraging process that aroused your fighting spirit and trained your brain automatically in the debating time. And Ive learned was a lot more than the above three, Id like to share them all with you , but no matter what I say, those skills and experiences are still mine and they are unique. So the only way to have your own one is to join the debate club and participate in NHSDLC!

The last thing I want to tell you is that, no need to be upset and fell disappointing if you lose a debate, because there will always be someone who is better than you in one particular skill based on complex reasons. Just as Hemingway said, There is nothing noble in being superior to your fellow man; the true nobility is being superior to your former self.

2015 Shanghai Jiaotong University National Tournament will be taken place in Shanghai in November, if you want to take part in this meaningful and challenging debate tournament, please contact Jojo Qiu or teacher Ms Liu.

Keep calm and debate on!

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Author: Jojo

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