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Come and be a MUNer!!!

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So what is MUN?

MUN stands for Model United Nations. It is an educational simulation and academic competition. As the delegate of one country, you will participate in MUN by engaging a conference with a lot of other delegates representing different countries, discussing an assigned issue and aiming to reach a consensus to solve the issue.

This may sound boring but the process never is. First of all, you can learn multiple skills which involve researching, public speaking, debating, writing skills, critical thinking, team building and the leadership abilities. All of these skills can be experienced and improved by joining MUN Conference. And your English proficiency will be lifted to a higher level in an unexpected way. Also, by learning diplomacy, international relations, national affair and the UN, you can approach to something that you never have a chance to touch before and gain a much wider horizon than your peers which leads you to be regarded as a more competitive student in your CV and universities. Another thing about MUN that can make you really enjoy it is that you can have a larger circle of friends from all over the world, because MUN is more like a social activity that participants can not only learn knowledge and increase your academic level, it can also teach you how to corporate, enjoy fun with friends and assimilate other cultures since it is a worldwide project.

There are a lot of professional vocabularies that related to MUN and also many complex procedures. But don’t panic, join our club, and we will go through all of the rules and procedures step by step to help you learn it.

If any of you is interested in MUN or you have any question about MUN Club, please feel free to ask me. I am Katherine Li from Wordsworth House. Here is my we-chat number: mumuxiaola99.

Looking forward to see you guys in the MUN club!

Thank you!

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