Wise is the person who looks ahead

Malvern’s 24 hours

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3:00 am       Tranquiland graceful, the whole campus is enjoying her sound sleep.

4:00 am       Isthere a dream about the future in her sound sleep?

5:00 am       Anotherday is in its dawning; while others are sleeping, nutritious breakfasts are ontheir ways.

6:00 am       Freshening up, students put on their ties to get ready for a new school day.

7:00 am       Facing the rising sun and wearing a beautiful smile, students start their new day of study.

8:00 am       Forassistant housems, being strict in sanitary inspection is the key to ensure apeaceful and relaxing environment for students after a stressful day of study.

9:00 am       Curiouseyes and waving pens undertake students’ colorful dreams.

10:00 am     Inside the warm coffee shop, students may be discussing their science experiments, or planning on a sport match in the afternoon.

11:00 am     Artis derived from life, yet superior to it. Immersed in the palace of art,students are having infinite imaginations.

12:00 pm    Witha quick footstep to the cafeteria, students are enjoying their lunches at the cafeteria.

1:00 pm       Exploring prudently, students are experiencing the happiness of study in every step of the experiment.

2:00 pm       Runningis the power to achieve our next dream.

3:00 pm       It may be the written Math formula, the draft design on the screen, or the brainstorm in the study room.

4:00 pm       Striving for higher education is a journey of unceasing efforts and choices for both students and teachers.

5:00 pm       Clubs provide students with unexpected happiness: they are choosing things they enjoy, and enjoying every minute they spend.

6:00 pm       Tocultivate temperament, it starts with a simple move in Yoga.

7:00 pm       While reviewing their study, students get to internalize the knowledge they acquired during the day.

8:00 pm       Itis the competition and corporation they used to have that reminds students oftheir laughs years later.

9:00 pm       Sharing experience and discussing study with each other, students are enjoying theharmony at dorms.

10:00 pm     A goodnight before the bedtime is a soft greeting from “their mom at the dorm”.

11:00 pm     At those white nights, it is our dream and the mutual encouragement we receive from each other that accompanies us.

12:00 am     Behind each incredible lesson, it is teachers’ hard work in preparing their lessons at nights.

1:00 am       Housems are on duty till midnight, taking notes of all the details happed inthe dormitories.

2:00 am       Under the street lights, school guards are on their night patrol protecting Malvern College in her sleep.

Photo by Peter Sun

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