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From MCQ goalkeeper

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Goalkeeper is a special position in a team, which is the last line of the defense, and also the start of a full defensive back. I am the only goalkeeper of MCQ U19A team, which gives me a huge pressure.  Every time before a match begins, honestly I am always afraid of  whether I could play well. Actually nobody could replace me, I mean, everyone in our team is irreplaceable. I must remember everyone’s feature. So what I do most in a game, is not save or goal kick, but observing everybody’s position and making adjustments, because I am the only person who can see what is happening on the pitch. What I said most on the pitch is man on(which means an opponent is coming), defense, turn(save, you can turn around), position(watch out your position), and also make temporary adjustment. I am not the captain of our team, but what I do on the pitch is to be a leader. When the assault comes, I need to make sure he can not make an easy shooting, and also my sight is clear, so that I can do a confident save. Sometimes I need to do a solo with the attacker.At that moment, I need to pounce and predict his next action, then try to save it.

Goalkeeper is the most likely position to get injured and criticized, so some people asked me why I wanted to be a goalkeeper. I think it is same as your life: find your position. The first time I  played as  a goalkeeper is the time when I was in the kindergarten in Japan. I thought I could learn the goalkeeper skills better, then I made it and keep it until now. Penalty area is my zone ,but I can determine the entire game.

By Oscar (U6)

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