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Malvern College Qingdao is fundamentally student-orientated. In order to wholly develop their potentials, student academic profiles are broad and interrelated, ensuring a combination of both Chinese and British curriculums. We ensure students’ personalised development, adhering to their individualistic needs, whilst providing an immersive bilingual environment. Students are trained to be proactive explorers, innovative thinkers, and compassionate world citizens.

Malvern College Qingdao encourages students to take risks, ask questions, explore perspectives, and express their imagination to the fullest while pursuing their studies. We have created a unique bilingual learning environment that promotes the appreciation of different disciplines, as well as a continuing pursuit of academic excellence and personal growth. Our international teaching body have a wealth of experience, and through innovative teaching methods inspire our students to become outstanding citizens who can actively and confidently face this ever-changing world.

Along with the British curriculum, Malvern College Qingdao ensures all students complete the nine years of compulsory Chinese education. Standard courses from the Chinese curriculum are built into the regular timetable alongside A-level and IGCSE options, cultivating an authentic bilingual education and cross-cultural appreciation of the world.

Malvern College Qingdao integrates the strengths of both Chinese and British education, allowing students to master cross-cultural skills both academically and socially. Our extensive and high-quality extra-curricular courses foster an increasingly international society, providing the footing for students to enter smoothly into world-renowned universities in the future.

  • MCQ aims to cultivate:
  • Interactive and inspiring classroom learning
  • Curiosity and appreciation of knowledge
  • A healthy learning attitude and autonomous learning ability
  • A solid foundation in and application of the English language
  • A wide variety of interests
  • Early career planning based on students' individual interests