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七月一日 1st July

(Morning Glow - Picture by Doris Chen 晨美 - 摄影:陈雅睿)


The weather is better than yesterday. The sunshine jumps out of the thick clouds and falls on us which portrays a saint scene of the nice and warm morning. After the typical British breakfast, we had English lessons for 2 hours and Mini MBA for an hour. Such short lessons are prepared to empty out the afternoon for further more outdoor activities, which always catch out interests.

(With Chris Calderwood – Picture by Paul Godsland 我们与MBA老师Chris——摄影:Godsland先生)

(With Keal Hanson – Picture by Sally Godsland 我们与英语老师Keal – 摄影:Godsland夫人)


Virtually, lessons are not boring. Keal, our English teacher, a funny guy with numerous original ideas, does well in both animating our class and passing on knowledge. Board games are introduced into class, helping us express our thoughts in English as well as in getting to know each other better. Mr. Calderwood, who is in charge of our Mini MBA sessions, has brought a large amount of laughter to fill into the oppressive ‘business air’. He combines economic rules with real business examples so the inspiration of running a business can be obviously released.

(Breeze – Picture by Philip 微风 – 摄影:戴辰龙)

(Sitting in the sky - Pictures by Doris Chen 坐瞰蓝天——摄影:陈雅睿)


Then coming forward the enjoyable afternoon. Mr. Godsland drove us to the bottom of Malvern Hills, where is rich in fresh air and pleasant smell of plants though you cannot view the top sight through those closely packed leaves. Once I stepped on the soft grass and soaked up the sun, my heart started humming. I could even hear the whispering of the insects hiding in trees. People doing paragliding and hang gliding were easily seen while walking, it was the first time I actually saw these sports. Their proficiency plot a distinctive scene in the sky of Malvern.

(Tea&Scone - Picture by Doris Chen 茶与司康——摄影:陈雅睿)


Our tea time was spent in Bluebird Tea Room in Malvern town after walking. Having afternoon tea is a traditional British custom, however, it is ancient to teenagers nowadays. Milk is poured into the black tea to make it silkier. We also had scones, a kind of British dessert, tasted as Chinese steamed bread, but should be cut half and mixed with butter and jam.

(Equal Winners’ handshake - Picture by Doris Chen 强强联手——摄影:陈雅睿)


Time elapsed quietly. Night comes out and covers light while we five were playing monopoly with Becky and Robert in house. The game will be continued tomorrow, the happy time will be continued as well, I believe.

(Written and compiled by Doris Chen 作者:陈雅睿)

七月三日  3rd July

(Dawn decorations – Picture by Doris Chen 清晨的装点——摄影:陈雅睿)


The sun seems to be happy staying with us. I was woken up naturally by the daylight knocking at the window of my dorm, going through and holding the tiny dust in the air. Wind gently blows over the sea of flowers in our campus, dewdrops are like naughty children jumping down from the petals, sparkling in the morning sun. Gradually the mist melts. It is delightful weather for sightseeing in Oxford.

(A shoot of the University of Oxford – Picture by Doris Chen 牛津大学剪影——摄影:陈雅睿)


The destinations of today are the two Universities in Oxford, which have quite different styles. One is the University of Oxford which has long history and high popularity, the other is Oxford Brookes University, the new and modern one.

(The courtyard – Picture by Doris Chen 庭院——摄影:陈雅睿)

(Inside the chapel – Picture by Doris Chen 教堂内部——摄影:陈雅睿)


My first impression of the University of Oxford are the stunning architecture and crowded streets. As it is open day, people from all over the world can be seen walking through the colleges, listening to the guide speeches and taking photos. The admiration of this place can be easily expressed from their eyes. It is interesting to find that the university is integrated with the town, colleges are separated, lining the different avenues of the city. It has neither school gate nor formal sign to identify an apparent area of this famous university. This a special layout which I really like. Green vegetation, neat grass, multicoloured flowers are almost everywhere. Our journey is about to visit the dining hall, the chapels and three of the colleges. Most of the colleges are medieval European quadrangles with courtyards. Time seems to be switched back to the 10th century in such an enormous beautiful garden. I’ve fell in love with the dense academic atmosphere and the pleasant natural environment here. How magnificent.

(A meeting room in Oxford Brookes University – Picture by Doris Chen 牛津布鲁克斯大学的一间会议室——摄影:陈雅睿)


In contrast, Oxford Brookes University has only been established for 150 years, it is situated on the hillside and the buildings are very contemporary, some are still under construction. Visitors here are much fewer, you can hardly see international ones. However, it has its own unique taste. Youthful exuberance is packed in this booming university, though it is not as great as the University of Oxford, it is energetic and full of potential. The strong body of Oxford Brookes is the business school, which I am quite interested in.

(Me in Blackwell – Picture by Philip Dai 我在Blackwell书店——摄影:戴辰龙)


At the end of the trip of today, we went to some souvenir shops and Blackwell, where has the largest collection of books in Oxford. I was dazzled by various book classifications, I could not control myself being excited and kept running to every book shells, as we were only allowed to spend 15 minutes in Blackwell, it is too limited for such a literary paradise. Attractive Oxford, unforgettable day.

(Written and compiled by Doris Chen  作者:陈雅睿)